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Established in 2011, Steencore Group has evolved steadily into a leading natural resources company, with dual-core focuses: (i) the acquisition and management of production facilities, and (ii) the manufacturing and trading of minerals and their derivatives, encompassing copper products, cobalt, and their concentrates. By integrating both upstream and downstream operations, including manufacturing and trading, we ensure sustained production longevity and a stable supply of highly sought-after mineral products.

Our accomplishments stem from a comprehensive grasp of diverse professional disciplines, endowing us with the credentials, extensive experience, and insight vital for ensuring the continual success of investments in manufacturing, operations, strategic acquisitions, and trade. Collaborating with our partners, we strive to optimize costs and maximize the utilization of existing infrastructure, positioning ourselves as a dependable ally.

Central to our achievements is the cultivation of robust business relationships that yield mutual benefits, underscored by our commitment to the growth and well-being of our employees and local communities. With a keen understanding of the requisite materials, processes, and investments, we prioritize establishing a secure and reliable supply chain for our institutional clients' material needs.

In conjunction with our partners, we boast unparalleled access to international financing expertise, unlocking additional value by furnishing innovative financing solutions while ensuring secure and steady access to prime commodities.

At our core, we espouse a belief and philosophy centred on seizing the opportunities inherent in the cyclical nature of commodities and harnessing the growth in demand and pricing. Informed by these insights, Steencore strategically positions its investments at optimal development points to maximize risk-adjusted returns.
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