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Steencore recognises the importance of protecting human rights and is committed to protecting the rights of all people including its employees, the communities in which the Company operates, those who may be impacted by its activities, its customers, and those within its supply chains.  One of the potential major human rights risks facing Steencore is the existence of modern slavery in the Company’s supply chain. This reflects the fact that Steencore has a global supply chain that procures a range of goods and services from many countries around the world. Modern slavery has the potential to exist in the supply chain through a variety of circumstances including:

  • Forced labour
  • Child labour
  • Debt bondage
  • Human trafficking
  • Abuse of requirements for a minimum living wage
  • Discriminatory employment practices

Steencore's management of modern slavery risks falls within its overall approach to protecting human rights. The foundation documents for human rights protection are the Company’s Code of Conduct and Integrity and Human Rights Policy. These documents outline Steencore's approach to establishing the essential standards of personal and corporate conduct and the behaviour expected of everyone who works for or with Steencore including directors, employees, contractors, suppliers and business partners. These documents outline clear requirements on the identification and management of issues associated with forced labour and slavery within supply chains.

Steencore also asks that all suppliers sign a statutory declaration (or equivalent), representing an additional commitment to work with Steencore to eradicate slavery from their organisation and supply chain. The statutory declaration has been an important tool in raising awareness of modern slavery. The requirement to comply with Steencore's Group Code of Conduct and Integrity, and the anti-slavery commitment was incorporated into the Company.

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