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Know Your Customer (KYC) requirement under Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002

Member Notice:

To Our Clients and Potential Clients

In accordance with Section 326 of the USA Patriot Act of 2002, which requires Steencore B.V. to help the government fight the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities, Steencore B.V. is required to obtain basic identifying information from you and verify that information when you open a new account.

This means Steencore staff will ask you for some basic information to help us identify you. Steencore staff will also ask to see documents identifying you such as a social security card, driving licence, passport, and/or some other government-issued document.

In some cases, identification will be requested for those individuals conducting business with Steencore B.V. prior to the effective date of the member identification requirements. This is because original documentation was not obtained with the opening of the account or Steencore B.V. is unable to form a reasonable belief that it knows the true identity of the existing account holder.

In all cases, protection of our member’s identity and confidentiality is Steencore's pledge to you. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we all do our part in complying with the new account identification procedures required by the federal USA Patriot Act of 2001.

Prior to assigning any new client account we must perform our due diligence in connection with Steencore's "Know Your Customer Procedures".


The Board of Directors, Staff and Members of Steencore.

Important Information

NOTE: To approach any of the official point of acceptance of transactions, a KYC form must be completed.

For your convenience, herewith the link for Registration forms. We request you to fill in the details and provide the certified copy of supporting documents as stated in the Form.

Please feel free to call us or email us at Compliance Department for any query on KYC requirements.