About Us

Steencore's primary focus is to establish local and international partnerships, adding to the value chain by financing and acquiring assets in the mining and energy sector.

Proposition: identifying the ‘gap’
Steencore group is a strategic acquisition company that primarily invests in advanced stage mining projects with significant identifiable resources and selective energy assets. We develop portfolios of mineral and energy projects with attractive economic profiles which can be developed into commercially viable and economically robust companies.

Background: knowing our market

Thanks to our long history and experience in the mining and energy sector, we identify and develop investment portfolios for the multitude of significant opportunities arising in these sectors in the current cycle in the mining & energy markets. We primarily invest in an advanced stage or early development projects with significant identifiable resources and selective energy assets that are underdeveloped because of financial constraints and/or geography.

Strategy: adding value
We capitalise on the cyclical nature of commodities experiencing secular growth in demand and pricing and makes strategic investments at optimal development points to maximise risk-adjusted returns.

Network: knowing who’s who
Our investment team is composed of high-calibre professionals who have combined their knowledge and reputation in the finance sector and the mining investment community in order to capitalise on economic dislocations inherent to the mining finance sector. They have served in executive positions at public and private mining and energy resource concerns, and have an extensive network of contacts in these sectors.