Robert Van Reijn
Business Development

Robert has more than a decade experience in the Ferro and non-Ferro trade with focus on base metals. Robert’s career commenced in trading warrants with all the major LME ring members before focusing on non- Ferro trading. Prior to his professional career Robert received his bachelor in Dutch law from the VU Amsterdam and Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) focused on Investments and Securities from the Hogeschool van Amsterdam.

Robert joined Steencore BV in 2019 as Business Development executive to lead the expansion of Steencore's efforts to develop and expand their European client base. Robert owns a non-Ferro recycling company with its own granulation plant that uses house cables to products grade A1 Copper granules which is fed into two of Europe’s largest smelters.

Robert's vast experience and network is a great addition to Steencore team, with the focus in building its client base within Europe.