Antony Y. Warnaars
Board Member and CEO

International background, hedge fund manager and Director at Steencore Group. He had successfully accomplished complex projects and international transactions. Strong business development with an international focus on supply chain and the acquisitions of distressed assets particularly focused in the emerging markets. Strong focus in developing projects in securing material in the metals industry for tier one customers in both upstream and downstream supply chain.  He studied at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Antony managed several billion euros asset under management for institutional clients with focus in emerging markets and distressed assets.  He went and combined his experience realising the significant potential and availability of high-quality, under-developed mining, oil & gas projects, assets with extremely interesting income potential.  Built on this insight, Antony acquired several distressed assets in the mining sector generating strong returns since inception.

Antony founded Steencore Group in 2011 with the primary focus of realising his investment acquisitions in the mining and metals sector.