The Scope of Work

Our engineering team shall provide information on both the aluminium powder plant and pyrometallurgical processing plant separately, as per the following scope of work, in detail and in clearly identified phases:

  1. The production requirement of the aluminium powder shall be min. 2500 metric tons per month. 
  2. We have off-take agreements in place for aluminium supply of tonnage of above average grade aluminium scrap to include PC-5000 & PC-6000.
  3. Changes can be implemented to optimize the production of aluminium plant at the new location up-to 1000 metric tons per month.
  4. Upgrading the current Cobalt processing plant by increasing its feed material key focus. 
  5. Availability of product, cost of product, logistics, including harbor locations (with their capacity) is important factors.

Quarterly audits to Steencore for both Aluminium Powder and Cobalt Processing Plants which will meet international standards for:

  • Phase 1. Technical and Financial Audit on both plants as to establish that they both can produce products constantly and profitably.
  • Phase 2. Opportunities, Optimisation and Intellectual Property.
  • Phase 3. Technical Manuals for both plants.