Steencore in cooperation with technical companies shall consult in the development of processing and extracting rare metals using the pyrometallurgical extract process in a unique form called Aluminothermic Reaction.

Steencore has a high-calibre and experienced engineering team that will design, build, operate and maintain a refining plant for the production of pyro-metallic metals. Our partners have extensive experience in the pyrometallurgical extraction process of complex, high-value metals like cobalt, titanium and vanadium.

Steencore shall finance its first pyrometallurgical processing plant:

  1. Pyrometallurgy experts together with working technology to produce and extract complex metals with cost-effective efficiency;
  2. Company and partners will create modular-based aluminothermic reaction processing plants for our clients in Asia and Europe;
  3. Steencore will implement International Standards for the upstream/downstream supply chain to ensure transparency with responsible sourcing for concentrates feed-stock;
  4. Plant shall produce analytical grade metals for cobalt using aluminothermic process technology with a high-grade purity of 99.6 % with final;
  5. Final refining to bring up the metal to the highest purity of 99.99%.