M00k, M0k, M1k, Brands
GOST 546-2001, 859 - 2001

Brand M00k, Cu - 99.99% Brand M0k, Cu - no less than 99.97% Brand M1k, Cu - no less than 99.95%

Standards for Non-ferrous metals, including rare, and their alloys using standards GOST 546-2001, GOST 859-2001, GOST 859-2014 (chemical composition download) 

Production cycle:

Copper-molybdendum ore production;

Floatation treatment with obtaining copper concentrate and molybdenum product;

Copper matte smelting;

Converting the copper matte with obtaining blister copper; 

Blister copper fire refining with copper casting into anodes;

Copper anodes electrolysis with production of copper cathodes;

Copper cathodes are packed with a spacing section also made of copper in shipping stacks of 1200 to 2000 kg (±2%) average weight. The stack is wrapped with 4 steel shipping straps. The spacing section made of copper that corresponds to the M00k grade quality, as it is an integral part of the final shipping product - copper cathodes.

The top corner of the upper cathode sheet in the shipping stack and the top corner of the cathode sheet that lays under the copper spacing section is marked (in the English and Russian languages) with the data, namely: manufacturer's name, product name, copper grade, date of production, cell group number, outloading date, GOST indication, stack number, net weight, gross weight, trademark, barcode.